Bruchi's CheeseSteaks

Come by and try us!

At Bruchi’s we follow the tried & true history using lean thin sliced steak, fresh grilled onions and white American Cheese. Cooked to order and served on our own FRESH baked white, wheat, or parmesan, bread. You can add green peppers, mushrooms, sweet or hot peppers, even pineapple if you’d like. We’ll make it just how YOU like it.

Once you’ve tried one, you’ll be back for a Bruchi’s CheeseSteak again & again!

Salmon Creek Bruchi’s: 800 NE Tenney Rd.Suite #108, Vancouver, WA 98685
(In the Fred Meyer Parking Lot)
Phone: (360) 571-5383

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We need to know you aren't a Storm Trooper trying to get CheeseSteaks for the Death Star

Enter the Characters from Above.